Switch Automation & Inspace XR: How Gaw Capital Drives Energy Efficiency and Enhances Client Experience

Since its inception, Gaw Capital has been investing primarily in real estate private equity, with a focus on strategies aiming to add value to the investment assets. Such strategies have allowed Gaw to build a strong in-house platform that specialises in, among other things, asset management, such as enabling tenant repositioning.

Gaw’s Private Equity and Venture Platform leverages on such in-house expertise in asset management to provide synergistic benefits as a value-adding partner and a “user” to current or potential portfolio companies. For example, a software tech start-up focusing on providing energy optimization for commercial buildings will need proof of concept with landlords before scaling up. With Gaw’s in-house platforms, Gaw’s Private Equity team can rely on the in-house experts and asset management team globally to provide valuable feedback as a user.

Switch Automation: Driving energy efficiency in buildings

Given that building materials, construction and operations account for about 40% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, performance optimization in buildings is important in reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and achieving greater sustainability.

Switch Automation integrates building data, systems and equipment to give actionable insights into site and portfolio performance, thereby enabling buildings to be smarter and more sustainable. The comprehensive smart building platform integrates with traditional building systems and IoT to analyze, automate and control assets in real time. Besides increasing operational efficiency,the real-time data collected from the Switch Platform also allows visibility into how buildings are performing to meet the rapidly changing demands of occupants, comply with shifting public health requirements and showcase managers’ commitment to sustainability.


DUO Tower,singapore

More than 100 million square feet of commercial buildings across the globe are now integrated with the Switch Platform, reducing carbon emissions by over 14,000 tons to date.

Gaw has been working with its Limited Partners to implement Switch’s solution on a portfolio basis. Amongst them include sovereign wealth funds and global insurance companies with huge direct real estate presence. An example of Switch’s solution implemented by Gaw is the DUO Tower in Singapore.

Inspace XR: Virtual Property Presentation Platform

Inspace XR is a 3D visualization platform which enables real estate professionals to host 3D digital replicas of their buildings online, allowing prospective tenants and investors to virtually walk through spaces and make informed decisions. Inspace enables over US$1 billion on a monthly basis in real estate transactions and is used by most of the world’s top real estate firms including CBRE, Blackstone, JLL and Brookfield.

Inspace’s technology offers an innovative way for property asset owners, agents, managers, tenants and users to sell, lease or interact with the physical assets at issue in the digital world. The actionable platform Inspace created provides key benefits including better prospects for sale or leasing in a marketing campaign, a faster sale or leasing process, more relevant and meaningful data and analytics and a more engaging experience for all stakeholders.

Gaw’s Asia Asset Management Team has been actively working with Inspace XR on 3D showcase to help with leasing for Gaw’s warehouses and commercial assets in, for example, Vietnam and Singapore.