Building A Low Carbon Future: SOCAM x Battery Energy Storage System

Construction sites count among the major polluters, and the construction sector's decarbonization is a key battleground in the fight against climate change. Construction projects in Hong Kong frequently employ diesel generators, which pose concerns for the environment and human health. SOCAM Development Ltd. ("SOCAM") partnering with AMPD Energy ("AMPD"), a Hong Kong-based construction technology startup with an advanced energy storage system that creates an all-electric replacement for diesel generators at construction sites. SOCAM has installed 14 AMPD’s Enertainers operating on its sites since 2020.

SOCAM first adopted AMPD’s Enertainer for The Multi-welfare Services Complex Development in the Kwu Tung North Development Area – its first project with full Modular Integrated Construction (“MiC”) application. Four Enertainers powered four tower cranes at the construction site, reducing CO2 emissions by 61% and saving more than HKD 850,000 annually on diesel fuel expenses. Along with addressing the issue of insufficient power supply in the neighbourhood, it also lessens the impacts to the neighbourhood and boosts operational productivity. Through Enernet, the team is able to monitor and control its fleet in real time around-the-clock and keep an eye on the performance of Enertainer.

Enertainer Installed at the Multi-welfare Services Complex Construction Site

Example of Enernet Monitoring Platform


Going forward, we believe SOCAM will continue to support AMPD and install more Enertainers to provide stable and high efficiency energy to the tower crane, particularly throughout the superstructure construction phase. The aim is to encourage sub-contractors and partners to adopt clean energy solutions to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and promote the decarbonisation of Hong Kong’s construction industry.